How to be Heard Book Review from @kleffnotes

Renowned five time TED Talks speaker and author Julian Treasure brings his skills to you with How to be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening. He shares his tips for how to speak and be heard and also for how to be a good listener in your own right. He demonstrates via interviews with world-class speakers, professional performers and CEOs atop their field, the secret lies in developing simple habits that can transform our communication skills, the quality of our relationships and our impact in the world.

Treasure shares his vision for a more communicative world in this book that includes never before seen techniques for how to grow your communication skills at home, in the boardroom, or really anywhere in the world. For those who have a copy of the book you are also given access to a companion website that will help you going forward. In his own work he had noticed people with a number of blank faces when he was discussing things. Over the years he has begun to notice that not only do people fear public speaking and often struggle to communicate, it has become apparent that listening is also a major issue. As someone who values communication, listening, and sound Treasure wanted to find a way to correct these issues for people who are struggling to connect.

Treasure has broken his process into three primary elements: happiness, effectiveness, and wellbeing. These three things are the core for how to create a better world and how to more effectively be heard. He has taken the concerns people have brought forward and has seen how they can work through these three elements and gain a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. Treasure not only discusses how sound is crucial to your life, but also shares a great deal of the elements connected to sound as well. His love of the topic rings through as he describe in great detail how sound works. He also shares an examination of how elements of sound and speech can actually be negative and take away from being an effective communicator. As he moves through the work she includes conversations she had with other people who are connected to sounds. How to be Heard is a tremendously informative book, it examines a variety of topics connected to sound and does provide great tips for how to use sound and speech to truly make the world a better place. You can get your copy of How to be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening today.

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Editor note: this article was updated on August 29th at 1:20 pm due to an error in pronoun usage for the author.

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