You Can Be a Winning Writer Book Review from @kleffnotes

You Can Be a Winning Writer shares Joan Gelfand’s 4 C’s approach to creative writing and successful authorship. She has shared this information in a variety of presentations at book festivals and author conventions as well as to college professors, CEOs, and even more people. She examines how to build a community and a fan base for you and your work. Gelfand, with the help of Renate Stendhal, PhD, examines how to defeat the lack of confidence that can keep authors from ever getting published.

This humorous and supportive book shares anecdotes from famous and successful writers and acts as a perfect read for writers just starting out, for writers stalled after their first or second book, and for students. Gelfand establishes the 4 C’s very early on and then devotes a chapter to each of these topics in detail. After finding creative work as a poet, she chose to draft a novel. In doing so she found herself having to work through the 4 C’s on her own. During her writing journey she noticed the struggles that impacted her and used that to create a way for other future authors to find their way. She has coached too many writers to count, but as she goes into the work she notes that it is hard work and that you’ll have to put in the work in order to achieve what you want.

Gelfand’s book examines craft, commitment, community, and confidence. She establishes the first two of her C’s as those that need to be focused on first with community and confidence as a sort of back burner element. She examines ways to help you write and debunks some of the ways that people get stalled on projects. Then as the book evolves it works to show you how you need to stay committed to your work. These major elements allow writers to grow and see the best way to begin the process. You Can Be a Winning Writer is a great work for anyone who chooses to write and no matter what the topic you might be covering this work will benefit you. Even if you are not sure if you want to start working yet or just want to see if writing is for you this book will be a big help. You can get your copy today.

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