The Real Roald Dahl Book Review from @kleffnotes

Roald Dahl is well known as a children’s author who delighted generations not only with his original works, but this the adaptations that came after them. While he is often best known for being an author, he was also so much more. Born in Norway in 1916, Dahl went on to become a rebellious teenager and later became a fighter pilot as part of RAF. He would later make his way to New York where he became involved in complex undercover operations. The Real Roald Dahl exmaines all of the parts of the author, both before and after his time as a writer to provide a deep understanding of the well known creator.

Dahl had dealt with his own loss very early on, with the death of his father, which seemed to impact his own writing going forward. While he would argue creating characters with one or both parents dead was done for sympathy, it is argued by Nadia Cohen that it may have tied back into the authors own experience. She goes on to note that while he did not write children’s stories immediately in life, he had always been known for his creativity and ability to create flights of fancy. Even descriptions of his aviation work showed some fictitious details. He would write works crafted for adults for a time, but ultimately he found his passion in creating books for children. He wanted to make reading something they would enjoy.

He would marry twice, but his first marriage would be filled with turmoil and loss. His first born daughter would die at the young age of seven and two of his remaining four children would also struggle. As his first wife’s health began to take a turn and Dahl found himself attracted to another woman, he would begin to grow more withdrawn and miserable. His creativity continued to grow and he would draft and sell an exceptionally impressive amount of books, both for children and adults. No matter what was happening he was still always able to create. The Real Roald Dahl shares so much of Dahl’s life that fans of his work definitely need to read this. It provides a great deal of insight into the author’s life and how it related back to his stories. This book is a joy to read and Cohen crafts a perfect history of the author, showing both his highs and lows. You can get your copy today.

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