Lions and Tigers and Hamsters Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dr. Mark Goldstein has loved animals ever since he was a little boy. Both domestic and wild animals have interested him and after graduating veterinary school at Cornell University, he became a veterinarian in clinical practice. He then went on to be director of zoos in Boston and Los Angeles, then head of a progressive humane society where he advocated for animal welfare. During his 30 year career he has gained a great deal of knowledge about not just animals, but the people who care for him. By taking readers through his life he shares all that he’s learned about how to live.

Each story, whether it is about large or small animals, Goldstein shares things that will make you laugh, cry, and will keep you amazed. Each one focuses on challenges and hard work of individuals who work in the world of animal welfare. They highlight the importance of the bond between humans and animals that has also given Goldstein invaluable insight. Beyond giving a plethora of stories to enjoy, Goldstein also shares his insight into various elements of veterinary work. These stories span a variety of animal experiences and Goldstein starts off with a very intense story involving an elephant. This book is perfect for animal lovers and shows the love and connection that can be found between animals and people.

Goldstein’s stories are enchanting and show how much you can learn when you open yourself up to new experiences. He has worked with horses, elephants, lions, tigers, and so much more. The story of his time on the horse farm showed that even when you think you know everything that there is still always more to learn. As you begin working you need to keep yourself open and allow yourself to learn. When presented with a challenging surgery during his internship at a clinic, Goldstein had to fight off his feelings of doubt in order to save his patient, an older dog who was suffering from respiratory issues. There is so much love throughout these stories and no matter what is happening people care deeply for the animals in their lives. This is a touching read that will make your heart swell. You can get this delightful book today.

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2 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Hamsters Book Review from @kleffnotes

  1. Katherine, Thank you for such a thoughtful review. I feel blessed to have had the opportunities I have had working with and helping animals and people and now the opportunity to share those experiences and what l learned from them. I hope my book allows people to laugh and maybe shed some ‘good’ tears but most of all have a better understanding of the importance of human-animal bond in weaving the fabric of a healthy community.
    Dr Mark


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