Dorian Gray: Beneath the Canvas Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dorian Gray: Beneath the Canvas dives deeper into the history of the Gray family by providing an insight into someone who was vital to the creation of the first Dorian Gray’s painting. Dorian might still be trying to cling to some of the more normal elements of life, this doesn’t mean he is safe from the ever looming morbi presence. In John Garavaglia’s sequel the story evolves and readers gain a knowledge that not even Dorian had in the first book.

While this second novel is still inspired by the graphic novel it delves into more backstory concerning how the first Dorian Gray became involved in the mysterious things that cursed his famous painting. Basil Hallward loved Dorian Gray to a point of obsession and in this story the man who created the portrait becomes a villain haunting the family. After making a deal with a demon like being known as a morbi, Basil has become tied to the painting and he has grown stronger and more twisted as the years has passed. The being that he made a contract with controls the morbi and has been gaining strength ever since. In this continuation of the story the present day Dorian has been working to find the items that bond morbi to specific families, but Basil, who is still controlled and has not truly been himself since he agreed to share his body with a morbi, is focusing on destroying his life.

Much like the Grays before him, those in Dorian’s life are not safe from the torments that surround him. This story is even more action packed than the first and shows Dorian more actively fighting against the demons he knows exists. With our hero more focused on his journey and more aware of his past, this book shows us a slightly different Dorian. He has been forced to grow up and cannot just act like a regular teenager, well he is remarkably rich so not exactly a regular teenager. Dorian Gray: Beneath the Canvas is a read that would be perfect for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural lovers. This story has also been picked up for development with Bohemian Group Originals. Working with Darren G. Davis from the original comics and TidalWave and the books are part of an 8 book series planned through Markosia Enterprises with John Garavaglia at the helm.

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