Ever Alice Book Review from @kleffnotes

Alice returned from Wonderland, but back in England no one believes that her experiences truly happened. Marked as mad, much like the riddle filled hatter, she has been kept in an institution and forced to undergo treatment for these fits of fancy. After recently turning fifteen, Alice learns that while her sister Katherine, who has long been absent, is planning a wedding, she will be sent farther away. What she doesn’t expect is that the characters she has longed to rescue her from her captive existence need her as much as she needs them. In Ever Alice, the titular Alice returns to Wonderland and is tasked with a dangerous mission that will set her against the regime of the Queen of Hearts.

The Queen of Hearts, who has recently made herself a widow through the beheading of her own husband, fears her throne is in jeopardy. Ever moment she fixates on those who she feels are acting against her, the most dangerous she believes to be the Queen of Spades. While she believes she can remove those who threaten her reign someone is leaving mysterious messages with the words “Hickory Dickory Dock” in them and with each reference her mind begins to breed fears anew. She is haunted by those who have been killed by her orders and beyond that she is slowly falling into a state of complete insanity based on guilt and fear. What she does not know is that Alice has returned with special orders from other residents of Wonderland to kill the queen. As she finds her way into the court, Alice struggles to protect those threatened by the Queen of Hearts, Rosamund, while trying to understand what has happened to Wonderland since her first visit.

This story blends together the original characters of Wonderland with a twisting plot that examines the Queen of Hearts and her reign of terror. Fans of the original or any of the adaptations of the story will find themselves captivated by this new take that includes political subterfuge and dangerous undercover work on the part of Alice. H.J. Ramsay has found a way to bring the story into the modern age with notes that will speak to lovers of literature. The Queen’s madness is something to behold as she finds herself haunted by the figures of more than one of her victims. The idea of madness and sanity is handled in a complex and surprising way, with both primary characters seeming to have been marked in some way by fevered images of the mind. Are the Queen and Alice more alike than they appear? Perhaps, but as the Cheshire Cat is often known to say “We’re all mad here” and it just may be that his words ring true for more than just one character.  You can get your copy of Ever Alice today.

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