Wishwork Book Review from @kleffnotes

What do you want more than anything else right now? Do you want more free time? A new job? New clients? To be physically stronger or maybe just a little bit healthier? You can achieve any of these things through dedication and focus according to Alexa Fischer. The TV and film actor who also happens to be an entrepreneur and the founder of Wishbeads, argues that with her 21 day system you can find a way to motivate yourself into getting what you want out of life in her book, Wishwork: Make a Wish, Do the Work, and Watch It Come True.

The set up for her idea is that you need to visualize and write down your #1 wish and then take action for 21 days in a row in order to achieve what it is you desire. Fischer establishes the book by discussing her own wishwork and how she chose to follow and expand on her wish in order to make her fast growing jewelry business a success. After establishing what a wish is and how to go about visualizing what you want she provides a dedicated breakdown of what to do each and every day for 21 days in order to help bring your wish to life. Now this does not mean that you will magically get what you want, Fischer emphasizes that bringing a wish to life involves a great deal of hard work, but that you shouldn’t be afraid to put in the effort in order to get what you want out of life.

Wishwork is a quick read, but is something that you can come back to time and again. The idea of visualization and focusing on what you want has been presented in other works, but what Fischer is doing is a new take that helps the reader to feel more guided in the process. This is a bit like having a friend or a coach helping you through what might be a difficult journey. What you have is your own personal support reference, designed to help you move through the 21 days with ease, even if you hit a roadblock or stumble along the way. If you are looking to make a positive change in your life this book will help you to focus a little on your own wants and let you see how you can achieve something great. You can get your copy of Wishwork: Make a Wish, Do the Work, and Watch It Come True today.

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