How to Ikigai Book Review from @kleffnotes

The tiny island of Okinawa is south of the Japanese mainland and is full of people who live their life’s purpose every day. Through the art of Ikigai these people have found a way to live full and long lives of fulfillment. By focusing on a passion you can change your life into a more fulfilling journey. In Tim Tamashiro’s How to Ikigai you can learn how to use these ideas in order to give yourself a new outlook on your world.

How to Ikigai begins by establishing what this way of life is all about and finding your life’s purpose. Admittedly when I began reading this I was thinking of Avenue Q and how to find what you should do with your life. Ikigai examines what you want to do and what you are interested in and looks at how this can benefit the world around you in a sort of circular motion. What this breaks down into is a four step idea for how to find what will benefit you and ultimately the world at large through your involvement in it. While these principles have existed for thousands of years this topic is often not discussed outside of Okinawa and other Japanese regions. By taking these ideas and applying them to your life you too can live a life of fulfillment that benefits not only yourself, but those in your life and throughout the world.

The easy to follow process from Tamashiro provides you the framework for how to transition your life to the way of Ikigai. Not only does he share the basis for why such a way of life is so beneficial, but he also examines how you can slowly make the transition through tips and numerous examples. This makes the idea more attainable and easier to understand. The philosophy itself can be accepted in two ways and while you can either go all in or merely use a sort of half way there system it can help you to live a better life that can bring good to the world around you. If you are trying to find a way to make a positive impact this book is a great read for you, whether you decide to practice Ikigai or not. How to Ikigai is on sale now.

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