The Magic of Crystals and Gems Book Review from @kleffnotes

Semi-precious stones and gems have often been noted in history as having certain qualities that can help you in your daily life. In The Magic of Crystals and Gems Cerridwen Greenleaf shares just a few of the hundreds of magical connections these crystals and gems can have. For example did you know that a green jade amulet can help you land a job or that two pink quartz can help you with you bring love into your life. While you might not be into the idea of crystals and their power, this read can show you some ways to find new ways to bring positive energy into your life.

In the set up of her book, Greenleaf discusses her own love of gems and crystals, which existed from her childhood. She then examines the current scientific use of crystals, specifically quartz in the realm of energy concentration. What she focuses on is the fact that light and energy can be concentrated in a crystal and that this sort of concentration can be useful for you in your every day life. As she sets up the idea of using crystals and gems, Greenleaf very clearly discusses the history of how these were used and how they have been seen as powerful. There are examinations of which crystals can be used in what ways and how you can perform elements of magic using certain crystals. You can even use your birthstone and connect your work through that specific type of stone. She also shares tips for jewelry based magic, which is something small you can try out if you are curious to see if this is the sort of system you would like to use.

As someone who had previously been interested in and examined different elements of spirituality and magics The Magic of Crystals and Gems spoke to me in an intriguing way. I found the topics being shared to be interesting and like something I would be interested in trying out in some ways. Greenleaf is tremendously knowledgeable about these topics and in the way she shares them you feel connected to her. I would say that this is the type of book that those who are open minded and curious about topics connected to meditation and energy sharing. This is definitely a fun read and shows small ways you can try and change your life for the better. You can get your copy of The Magic of Crystals and Gems today.

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