Badass Affirmations Book Review from @kleffnotes

You know you’re a badass, but that doesn’t mean you might not need a little bit of encouragement in your daily life. Becca Anderson, who has written a few other books that I’ve reviewed for The Nerdy Girl Express, puts forth a book that includes focuses on giving yourself some time and letting yourself check in with yourself every day. Even the most badass people in the world need a little bit of help and have their own current and past stresses that they are working through. Don’t forget about yourself and let Badass Affirmations give you that time you need.

Everyone needs a bit of an esteem booster and this sort of self-affirmation work can even become addictive. To start what you need to know is what affirmations are and what the focus of this book is. Anderson shares that affirmations are designed to out loud statements that you can say every day in order to boost your confidence and attitude. By saying these statements every day you will slowly be able to change how you think. Think of it sort of like Pavlov’s dogs, you’re mouth won’t water when a bell rings, but you will begin to feel the impact of your spoken words. Her affirmations are broken into stations and they are designed to help you focus on what you truly want. They also do not include the idea of trying, they instead focus on will or am statements to emphasize that you will focus this. You can read through this book at random and use it every day or even use it as you see fit. This book is entirely up to you and how you want to use it.

Beyond affirmations this book also shares tips to journal and discuss your own feelings and thoughts in a focuses way. These can help you to attain your own affirmative feelings as well as create a more solid feeling of what you want. Each affirmation station is so clear and not only gives you personal affirmations, but also quotes from famous and well known women in history and society to help you see how these affirmations can tie into real life. This text can help you to grow and find a strong sense of self, while also showing you women that you might want to connect with. This book is something you can use as a sort of coffee table book or something you can carry with you every day and no matter how you use it, there can be benefits for you and your daily life. Badass Affirmations is on sale today.

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