Real Life Mindfulness Book Review from @kleffnotes

Daily life can be stressful. Even the calmest people in the world can have elements of their lives that feel out of control or that push them into a state of stress. What Real Life Mindfulness works to do is to offer guidance for using the best moments of your day to check in with yourself spiritually. By doing this you can combat the strain of the world around you and recharge yourself so that you can keep being present in your daily life.

Not only is this book designed to help you recharge yourself, but it can also act as a daily check-in for how you are doing and what you need to focus on to be your most complete self. It can bring calmness and clarity to your life, even if things around you seem to be outside of your control. Elise Marie Collins and Becca Anderson offer simple wisdom that can make you and the world around you a more focused place. Mindfulness helps you to see that you have the resources for what you need and allows you to stay focused on what is happening within your mind. You are able to find ways to check-in with yourself and also see that what you have now is what you can use to grow your life. These check-ins can become vital to your daily life because you are able to look into yourself and also grow your self awareness.

There are great quotes throughout this book that help you to examine yourself and what is going on around you. You cannot just stay focused on yourself, but rather you need to embrace the world around you and what is happening. This does need to be balanced with your own personal energy levels and feelings of connection. This book is a great way to find yourself and create a balanced life no matter what outside forces are acting upon you. Anderson and Collins are focused on giving you the tools to help yourself become your best self. You can use each of these sections independently or you can go through the book chronologically. You can get your copy of Real Life Mindfulness today. 

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