Love the Sh!t Out of Yourself Book Review from @kleffnotes

The world can be a draining place, but you can find a way to make your way through the day with some great positive talk for you. Love the Sh!t Out of Yourself by Zoey Arielle Poulsen shares her own ideas for positive living through positive affirmations. No matter what is going on around you, by using these elements of affirmation to grow your positive self-regard will bring more benefits to your daily lives.

Through daily uses of affirmations you can grow your own positive self thought much like building a muscle. This book is broken down in to different sections that will help you to combat the strains of the world around you. Poulsen’s goal with this book is to provide you with a new best friend who can help you to see the best in yourself. You can move through anything that comes at you by focusing on loving yourself. This self-care is meant to help you to grow and become stronger as a person. Her words are drawn from her own experiences in which she had to pull herself back up from low points she experienced. She shares how to push away the limits in your life and how you need to focus on what you want and what you need in order to become your best self.

This book is just a fun and easy to read work. You can go through it in order first to get an idea of what the book is, but then you can use this every day in whatever way you want. You can open this book randomly within the sections or you can have a goal for yourself of going through the book one affirmation at a time. If you want to find a way to stay positive every day this is definitely the book for you. The text is bold and bright and it is designed with positive outlooks in mind. You can find affirmations for daily life, love and romance, and even for bringing wealth into your life. Poulsen has crafted a work that will help you every day if you let it. You can get your copy of Love the Sh!t Out of Yourself today.

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