Fierce Joy Book Review from @kleffnotes

Author Susie Rinehart found her entire way of life threatened by an unexpected tumor on her brainstem. Before this knowledge she had lived what many people would see as a perfect life. She had two beautiful kids and a loving husband, a job where she was respected as a leader, and medals as an ultramarathon champion, but this tumor could take away her ability to speak and everything she had worked for. In this moment she had to rethink how she wanted to live and find joy in living fiercely and forgoing the idea of perfection and this is what inspired Fierce Joy.

Achievements push people to gain what they see as perfection, but this sort of achievement is often motivated by the fear of failure. What does this fear mean for your quality of life? Rinehart saw fear looming and decided that she wanted to find a way to focus on the joy and the positives in her life instead of being hindered by fear of failure and loss. Each section of the book is designed to provide you with strong takeaways that the author learned in her own journey to slow down and step back in the constant achievement focused world around us. By sharing her journey Rinehart is showing readers that you can become a stronger person by focusing on the positives that exist in your world.

Fierce Joy breaks down the idea of perfectionism and instead argues that readers should look to the joy they can find in the world instead of what is expected of them. She sees the idea of perfectionism as something that drags each of us down and keeps us from truly being our best selves. The fear of failure is something that pushes us to limit our joy while embracing perfectionism and this message is so powerful within this book. Beyond this focus on how to be someone who truly enjoys life, Rinehart also provides her readers with questions and elements for reflection. This allows you to really reflect on what you have just read and to connect it with your larger life. This book can benefit everyone who chooses to read it in some way. Whether this is helping yourself to embrace living a joyful life or showing you that set backs can be overcome, this is a remarkable read. You can buy Fierce Joy today.

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