Mother Knows Best Book Review from @kleffnotes

Claire Abram’s desperately wants a second chance at motherhood after a deadly genetic mutation took her little boy from her. When she meets Robert Nash, a maverick fertility doctor, and a young scientist, Jillian Hendricks, who wants to make her mark in the field any way she can she has that chance. In Mother Knows Best the group chooses to create the first child to ever have three genetic parents. This sort of secret is impossible to keep hidden and when things come to light the trio will have to make decisions that will change their lives forever.

Mother Knows Best moves between the past and present in a fluid way that both the experiment that led to the birth of a young girl as well as the fallout from the public information that such a child could exist. Moving between three different points of view readers are able to see Claire, Jillian, and the three parent child, Abigail, explaining different points in the story. Through them we are able to see how Abigail was brought to life and how she is now reacting her life. In order to keep her safe, Claire and Nash have hidden her away from the world. The issue is her curiosity is peaked when she does a DNA project in science class. From that moment on she is eager to find out more about her family and who else might be connected to her. As Claire and Nash struggle to keep her away from the truth, Jillian is trying to find a way to get back what she lost.

This story creates a believable world that involves advanced genetics in a way that makes this into a real world connected science fiction story. The idea that a child could be made with varied DNA from three people is explained in such a detailed and believable way that it seems completely possible that this child could exist. Beyond that the plot itself focuses on a mother’s love and how this can motivate someone to do something they would never expect. Claire is willing to go behind her husband’s back to create a baby that she knows will live, but in doing this she destroys a loving relationship. Her desire for a child allowed her to have Abigail, but she is constantly haunted by the memory of Colton, her son. Jillian is also devoted to a child that she has never met. When she is left to deal with the fallout of everything that has happened she fixates on one day finding her child. Both women love this child, in their own way, and in doing so they have isolated themselves in so many ways. Kira Peikoff creates a story that is captivating and engaging with characters all struggling in their own ways to find connection. You can pre-order your copy of Mother Knows Best today.

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