Dieting Deliciously Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dieting Deliciously Volume One is a collection of recipes that fitness athlete, model, and foodie Marie Blanchard wanted to share with readers looking for meals that might help them in their fitness journey. As someone who loves food and is always on the lookout for new recipes I wanted to check this book out and see what Blanchard had, well for lack of a better phrase, cooked up. While her ultimate goal is to provide meals that will help those looking to maintain a certain physique and stay tied into their fitness goals, you don’t need to feel pressured to adhere to the idea that you have to eat certain foods to be fit in order to enjoy the recipes she shares.

Blanchard’s recipes are broken down into five primary sections: Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, and Dessert. This breakdown fits with many standard cookbooks, though when I read through it I was reminded a bit of the meal planning systems used by other dieting programs. This does help you plan out a whole day of meals with a variety of mix and match options. As someone who should probably eat breakfast more often, yes I know coffee doesn’t count, but I am a lazy woman who prefers her pancakes for lunch or dinner, the recipes for some high protein grab and go options are helpful. These include protein blueberry mini muffins and the aptly named egg-grab-n-go-muffin. For a stay at home option the sweet potato waffles did look very tasty. Lunch and dinner also provide some additional high protein options, including a very interesting recipe for quinoa sushi rolls.

I also found some of the provided snack and dessert options to be very handy. I love oatmeal and granola and Blanchard’s oat bars looked delicious. I also think the energy bombs would be a great travel snack or quick on the go muchable when you don’t have time to sit down to a real meal in the middle of the day. For specific desserts the protein donuts and protein brownies did have me curious and as someone who was looking for a way to make some sort of donut at home I definitely think I’ll need to check this out. Blanchard provides detailed and easy to follow recipe guidelines and her images of what the food looks like throughout the process are helpful. As someone who has crafted her own recipes I can attest to the fact that images throughout can really show how easy or effort filled a project may be. If you are looking for some new recipes to try out or looking to sneak some extra protein into your diet or maybe the diet of your picky family members you should give Dieting Deliciously a try.

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