Cult Filmmakers Book Review from @kleffnotes

Cult filmmakers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, which gives each of them their own special niche in the world of film. Ian Haydn Smith brings together 50 of the filmmakers who have made their mark from Burton to Tarantino. His handpicked collection of creators examines how they earned their cult label and celebrates the movies they’ve made. Cult Filmmakers also includes fantastic illustrations from Kristelle Rodeia to bring to life these figures of film.

What makes book special is that he not only discusses the big names who have become features on the red carpet, but he also looks at the creators who have established a smaller collection of devoted followers. Smith has worked to craft something that will be perfect for film buffs of every genre who want to grow their knowledge of the world of film. The idea of cult followings for movies and directors can evolve in a variety of ways. Some can be instantly famous or achieve a level of notoriety early on, while some may need to wait for a change in fashion within the area of film in order to get noticed. In Cult Filmmakers each of the 50 figures chosen are given two pages to emphasize their work and what has led them to be classified as cult. These examinations are also made particularly memorable by Rodeia’s illustrations.

As someone who enjoys watching movies from a variety of genres and often dabbles in grabbing something that might be seen as a bit out there, this book was a delight to read. I was not only pulled in by the illustrations, which work to highlight the creators and their most famous works, but I found the discussions of what makes these figures so special to be engaging and easy to read. Cult Filmmakers is the type of book that you can flip through at your leisure or you can hunker down and delve into for an afternoon. If you are a film buff this will be the perfect addition to your collection and your friends will be delighted to find this in your home. You can get your copy of Cult Filmmakers today!

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