Ninja: Get Good Book Review from @kleffnotes

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is a leading live-streamer and gaming superstar with over 45 million followers across his platforms. His first book released in August of this year, Ninja: Get Good, and it shares his tips for gaming success and how anyone can become unstoppable. Designed with middle grade readers in mind this book is focused on what Ninja wishes he had known when he first started out.

While different games may come and go, this leading Fortnite gamer shares advice that can be used no matter what type of games or gamer you are. He begins by sharing how to create the perfect gaming PC for yourself that won’t fail you midway through your intense sessions. After you have the best set up Ninja then delves into how to practice and get better at strategy in your gaming. He also discusses how to build teams and then how you can get set up as a streamer. Beyond that he discusses how to handle community and comments as a streamer. There are also great anecdotes from Ninja that showcase his personality and how he became the gamer he is today.

Ninja: Get Good is packed full of illustrations and pictures that will engage even the most reluctant reader. Whether you are a young gamer starting out or the parent of a child looking to help them get a better understanding of what they are doing this book is something that is a great pick. If you know that your child struggles with reading or has a hard time connecting with reading material outside of text boxes in games, this can act as a gateway tool to open the world of books to them. It can also help parents to see ways to connect with a gaming loving child. You can go through the building suggestions with them and even connect with them as part of their team. This book can be a tool for connecting with a gaming child as well as something that can help them to learn more about the world of games. You can get your copy of Ninja: Get Good today.

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