The Elegant Warrior Book Review from @kleffnotes

The hardest losses for any trial lawyers are the ones that have brought forward the most emotion and for award-winning medical malpractice defender often come outside of the courtroom. Host of The Elegant Warrior Podcast and anchor at the Law and Crime Network, Heather Hansen, has crafted a book that will help you to combat the trials in your life that may call for you to put on your armor, but may also require the elegance that is available to everyone in The Elegant Warrior: How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself.

Using real life case studies and personal experiences Hansen shares how to triumph over your struggles by being an Elegant Warrior. This means fighting adversity with grace and compassion and going into battle without losing respect for yourselves or your adversaries. She discusses the Curse of Knowledge, discovering the Power of How, and recognizing that credibility comes before trust. In The Elegant Warrior you will find tips that can be use to help overcome everyday challenges whether this ties into parenting, relationships, issues at your workplace, or even just every day moments of exhaustion that can arise. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the law or on how Hansen approached a trial and then uses this example to create a lesson for her reader.

The book is broken down into short sections, which makes this a quick read and something that you can read straight through and then revisit later on depending on what you are personally struggling with. Each chapter also includes a great summary noted as “Summary of the Case” which breaks the topic you’ve just read down into a few key points. This will definitely help readers who wish to go back and find certain elements again for a bit of a refresher. Hansen also includes well curated quotes to kick off each of the chapters, which help you to become focused on what you’ll be reading going forward. While a self-help book like this might seem dry, Hansen weaves in her experiences in a way that makes it engaging and personal so that as a reader you will feel like you are discussing these topics with her. I personally enjoyed her Prove It sections where she provides some deeper insight into her topics and cites different sources that helped her to support her argument. You can get your copy of The Elegant Warrior now.

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