Stealing Cinderella Book Review from @kleffnotes

Based on a true story, Mark D. Diehl shares how he fell in love in South Korea where just being with the woman he loved brought taunts and threats. Stealing Cinderella: How I Became an International Fugitive for Love shares the story of Diehl and his love, Jennifer. In a story that feels like Romeo and Juliet with an international spin, this read is a hopeful story that will inspire romantics and those who often shun romance as well.

Mark D. Diehl arrived in South Korea with $20 and an offer to teach English, which is how he met Jennifer. She was smart and powerfully independent, but also the second daughter of one of the most influential families in Korea. When they fell in love they found themselves the targets of angry stares, taunts, and threats. They were forbidden to stay together by their employer, but managed to keep their relationship going in secret. While they thought they were doing so well to hide things, Jennifer’s family became suspicious and had her followed. Violence and relentless attempts to keep them apart rose and the two were forced to flee to Hong Kong, but this shift didn’t act as the quick fix that they had hoped. The story shares their fight for their love over time and continents in a beautifully written way.

Diehl does a very strong job of sharing the details of his life in Korea by dropping the reader into the story. We are shown moments of his life as he begins adapting before meeting Jennifer. He learns that there are a number of societal elements in terms of dating and marriage that he had never thought of as a white man from the United States. As the story evolves we see the strong connection and bond between the two, no matter how hard this relationship may be to maintain. While there is a great deal of drama in this story, the epilogue will fill your heart with love. Mark and Jennifer’s story shows the power of love and how any couple can make it through anything if they are dedicated to each other. You can get your copy of Stealing Cinderella today.

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