Savant Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Avery family was the picture of a model family. Steven and Diane lived with their son Micheal in a world of wealth, success, and happiness, but their charmed life would not last. In Savant, their world is shattered when Steven is unexpectedly murdered in what many believed was a random act of violence. Michael grows up as the case grows cold and he takes it upon himself to get justice. With his exceptional intellect and eidetic memory he will re-open his father’s case and search for the killer who changed his life forever.

While enjoying a quiet night in with pizza and a game of chess, which Michael is fixated on, a crash reveals that Steven has been shot in his own home. What is devastating is that while this family may be the picture of success they have their own struggles. Steven is taking some form of medication and worries his son will think he is weak, while his wife, Diane, is trying to keep her husband from behaving dangerously with his medication. She also pushes him to see that while Michael is on the autism spectrum, he is a strong and smart boy. Chess is something that Michael excels at and when his father is shot he doesn’t know how to cope in this sudden moment of stress. As the years pass Michael begins to harden, but he also becomes an officer, and later transitions into Special Agent for the FBI, who has the right skills to find out who killed his father.

The story in Savant might focus on the death of Michael’s father, but it also shows a young man growing up and becoming his own person. Michael’s savant syndrome makes him the perfect investigator, but not always perfect at interacting with other people. He falls in love and the woman he is with loves him so deeply. They do hit some snags, especially when Michael chooses to buy his former family home without telling her, but overall there is a strong sense of love in their relationship. Michael wants to do right by his dad and everything he does is focused on the end goal of bringing him justice after his untimely death. This dedication is exceptional and while there are other elements of his character, Michael does grow out of that terrible moment. The investigation might be a bit slow, but overall the mystery is intriguing and surprising. You can get your copy of Savant today.

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