Bad Day Children’s Book Review from @kleffnotes

Bad Day is the fifth children’s book from Ruby Roth and adds to her mission of making change in the world. She provides young readers with a way to see how to take care of their own well-being while also finding strength and happiness in the process. It examines neuro-diversity and emotions as a bad day evolves for main character Hennie.

Roth has appeared on Fox, Today, CNN, and other major media sources and her work has been called groundbreaking and important. As a former teacher she has the background for this work and uses her artistic and authorial skills in connection with her activist goals to bring to life a number of stories for diverse young readers. Bad Day focuses on Hennie Small, whose day keeps going from bad to worse with seemingly no end in sight. With some deep breathes and quiet reflection, Hennie is able to see the power of introspection. The message of resiliency and and self-empowerment rings through as the Hennie copes with everything going on.

Bad Day is a wonderful book that can be used by all young readers who are trying to cope with a bad day. I grew up with the story Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and this book reminds me slightly of that, but Roth provides a positive shift for the reader. She uses the idea of examining the day and how you have bravely made it through to emphasize the strength everyone has inside. Hennie is also never identified specifically by gender, which allows for anyone to relate to this character and not only is the story positive, but the art is a delight to see. You can get Bad Day today and find out more about Ruby Roth and her work on her official website.

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