Victoria’s Voice Book Review from @kleffnotes

David and Jackie Siegel’s lives completely changed on June 6th 2015 when they received a heartbreaking call informing them that their 18 year old daughter Victoria had died of a drug overdose. Her parents vowed that they would do whatever it takes to keep other parents from ever having to experience this moment. Right after Victoria’s death, Jackie was told through text by one of her daughter’s friends to look in Victoria’s bedroom nightstand for a secret diary and suggested that she publish it. Victoria’s Voice is that secret diary and is Victoria’s own words brought to life in the hopes of showing the full picture of her life before her tragic death.

The book is primarily Victoria’s diary with her own writing and art, but it also contains additions from her parents. Both wrote intros for the work and there is medical advice, tips, and resources for those who are reading it. The book is in may ways targeted at parents to show them a way to help their child and to keep what happened to Victoria from happening to anyone else. Victoria’s Voice also ties into the Victoria Siegel Foundation, which works to reduce drug experimentation, addiction, and overdose deaths through a variety of legislation focused work. This organization is doing great work in connection to this book in an attempt to keep families from losing their children in tragic ways.

Victoria’s Voice is an emotional read and each of the intros by her parents shares very personal information and beautiful pictures that highlight how much love is in this family. They do note that the book itself contains scans of the original diary and that some pages have been omitted. As you go through the book it feels as though you are one of Victoria’s friends, seeing her thoughts spill out, but not just that. You are also seeing her art and things she wanted to keep and protect. These include pictures, tags, reward cards, and other bits and pieces of her daily life. While the story is tragic, this book will do a great deal of good for the people who read and connect with it.

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