Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind Book Review from @kleffnotes

Aaron and Stella get to spend every summer with their grandparents, enjoying the beach and eating sushi every night. One night they try some special sushi that leads them to an alternate universe known as The Land of the Mind. This new place is ruled by various types of math and quantum physics, but evil is seeping in. Aaron and Stella must work to understand this world and save the Land of the Mind from falling into chaos in Travels with Sushi n the Land of the Mind.

The two children are chosen for their relationship to the Golden Ratio, this is known as Phi(1.618), and they are able to travel on the Phi-Flyer under the guidance of a wise raven named Sophie. Her existence is interesting though as she is both a particle and a wave. Eduard Shyfrin’s novel introduces children to quantum physics as well as plays into the idea of a classic morality story with the battle between good and evil. Each realm that the children travel through shows a different way that the Land of the Mind has changed. Stella and Aaron listen and learn from a variety of different people and work to make things better as best as they can. Sushi also plays a crucial role to the story, which ties everything back into the summer the children were enjoying with their grandparents before their mysterious journey.

The tale is a bit like Alice in Wonderland and even includes vivid illustrations from Tomislav Tomic. This images help to create an even more vivid world for the reader and this would make the perfect read for middle grade readers looking for a way to learn more about math and quantum physics in an easy to understand way. I had a fun time reading this book and wanted to make a note that I normally don’t in reviews. The packaging for the review copy I received was absolutely delightful. Not only did it include sushi tape on the mailing envelope, but I also received a pair of chopsticks. The little things sometimes just make me smile.  You can get your own copy of Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind today.

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