The Middle Sister Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Middle Sister is the third installation in the popular Jack Salvo series by Jesse Miles. This fast paced thriller is reminiscent of a classic 1940’s style private detective novel, but set in the modern environment of present day Los Angeles. Jack Salvo, our hardboiled and well-educated P.I. with a soft spot for people in need, is hired by a wealthy woman to find her wayward daughter Lillie, who has been missing for a week. While Jack thinks she is probably just somewhere with friends this case is going to be far from easy.

Salvo teaches philosophy one night a week at a local community college, but he really pays his bills by solving cases as a private investigator. In his work to find a missing girl, he learns that her friends are far from what he expected. This parasitic collection of people don’t seem to have any idea where their friend has run off too and Salvo finds himself rubbed the wrong way by many of them. When he does find Lillie it is a less than happy reunion as he learns that his missing person’s case is actually a murder investigation. With grifters, gangsters, arson, blackmail, and murder all tied together Salvo will have his work cut out for him.

Jesse Miles brings the diverse environment of Los Angeles alive by delving into various levels of society. With a high society client with a daughter, who meets with a number of diverse people, our main character winds up meeting with a variety of people in the course of his investigation. Nothing is entirely clear cut in the case, which will lead you to keep guessing and searching for clues alongside Jack Salvo. The stories continue to get darker and darker as more bodies turn up and interesting connections emerge. This is definitely a page turner and something mystery fans will enjoy, especially those who like a hardened lead with a bit of a cynical edge when it comes to dealing with the darkness he encounters. You can get your copy of The Middle Sister today.

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