Code of Rainbow Book One Book Review from @kleffnotes

Young wizard, Soarame, has special eyes that allow him to see the magic elements of the world, which are supposed to be invisible. While he can see the truth of the world, this gift also places him in tremendous danger. Beyond our lead character there are also beings who possess magical powers, called magimals, which include dragons. Soarame has a baby magimal as his best friend and together in Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal they will get into trouble that is even more dangerous than dragons.

From a young age Soarame has had the ability to see things that other could not and this has led him to show tremendous power, including scaring off a beast that threatened the man watching him. These skills though are not the only talents that Soarame possesses. When his powers are discovered he begins to focus on honing his gifts and is set on the path of becoming a wizard. This world is full of magical beings, much like those that exist in typical fantasy novels such as elves and orcs, and in this world building there is a great deal of diversity across the world, with certain areas controlled by different beings. In this first book Soarame begins attending an institute in order to learn even more control than he can merely by working with an individual wizard. Soarame is contending with different wizards in training finds himself in battles of power and learning even more about life and magic than he expected. New magimals are born and he will gain tremendous skills that he will be able to use going forward in the series.

Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal is a great introduction to this universe and establishes the world in such a delightful way. The characters we meet are fun and well fleshed out and the idea of magimals and bonding hearken back to the idea of familiars and the power of animals in connection to magic. As a fan of books focused on learning magic I found this to be a delightful read and am interested in seeing the universe expand in the rest of the series. Weiqi Wang has done a great job of creating something that fans of Harry Potter will also love. You can get the first book of the Code of Rainbow series today.

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