Code of Rainbow: Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet Book Review from @kleffnotes

In the latest installment in the Code of Rainbow series, Soarame is still reeling from the shocking discovery in the previous volume and must set out to find his last remaining relative. This time his journey takes him to the largest and deadliest ocean in the world. In order to survive attacks by evil Wizards he will need to make an escape underwater, but how long can he survive the deadly creatures that lurk beneath and if he does survive what else is waiting for him in Code of Rainbow: Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet.

As everyone continues to grow their powers and continue to push their connections with each other. Soarame must venture out to save his missing family member and in doing so he begins to learn more about the world of magic around him. He meets more magimals and finds himself contending with dangers that he was never prepared for. New kingdoms are presented and Soar and his partner find themselves having to work covertly to find out more. All the while Snower is continuing to grow and show off her magimal skills, which often leads her to astound those around her. This journey will push Soarame to new heights and new discoveries that will alter everything he has known about the world around him.

This particular book in the series is the transition point for moving the series from magic fantasy to sci-fi. The magic powers the characters have already been different than the norm, but in this version we can more clearly see the shift that is taking place in the placement of the universe. Wang may be altering the world, but he is also continuing to focus on philosophical questions like how we as humans play a role in developing the world around us. Another major issue that is often left out of stories that focus on magical animals is the idea of mistreatment. Wang has chosen to showcase how respect and kindness are crucial to society and that all animals should be treated with respect, even outside of his universe. This series chooses to highlight elements that go beyond genre in a way that make it different from many other books that rely on the idea of magic within their plots. You can get the third book in the Code of Rainbow series, Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet today.

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