My Wild and Precious Life Book Review from @kleffnotes

As the daughter of a Green Beret, Susie Rheault developed a love for travel at an early age as her family moved from place to place. This helped her to become unafraid and allow her to take risks that earned her the nickname Rocky. As an adult she would go on to become a Special Advisor for the Clinton Foundation Health Access Initiative with supporting field offices in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, Lesotho, and Swaziland focused on working to end the AIDS epidemic. My Wild and Precious Life recounts the lessons she learned during her time working in impoverished communities in Africa.

As the story begins Rheault examines her life traveling the world with her family from a young age and then moves on to her present life. She had married and had a child, but unexpectedly found herself widowed with a young son. After grieving this shocking death, she chose to explore Africa. With her son, she would go there and quickly fall in love with the continent and this is where her work with the Clinton Foundation and AIDS prevention programs begins. She would go on to focus her last ten years in the area turning a two-room orphanage in rural Tanzania into an NGO with a home, organic farm, and primary school for up to 350 children. Through her raw storytelling she highlights the warmth of the African people she met and worked with while also emphasizing the desperate poverty in the regions she was in. The story she presents is designed to show how working toward a common goal shows the power of hope.

Rheault’s story is a powerful message of perseverance as we see her coping with her own family struggles, including the death of her first husband and also the appearance of unexpected medical issues. She pushes herself to keep working toward helping others and in her explanation of where she is working throughout the continent she does not hold back providing details about issues she encountered. The love put into creating the NGO, which is called a home, rings throughout the end of the book and shows just how much Rheault had connected with the community in Tanzania. If you are looking for an inspiring story that shows how a life’s purpose can lead to great gains and benefits for the world. You can get your copy of My Wild and Precious Life today.

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