Trapeze Book Review from @kleffnotes

What would you do if your entire world was flying high and then suddenly you found yourself grounded? Corey Ryder has been training as a trapeze artist since a young age and flying through the air has been her entire life until a tragic accident shuts down the traveling circus she had called home. Forced into a new life that she had never planned on, teenage Corey will find herself learning about life and love in a whole new way in Trapeze.

Going from circus performer to normal high school student is a major shift for Corey. She finds herself living with a mother she has never spent time with and trying to fit into a seemingly normal life in small-town Sherwood, California. A friendship does begin to blossom between her and a local boy named Luke Everett. As this grows into something more, Corey is forced to defend old misconceptions, learning how to navigate a new love, and trying to find out who she really is outside of the world of performing she had been in for so long.

This story by Leigh Ansell is just one of many she has on Wattpad, which has allowed her to gain followers and readers since she was fifteen years old. Watching Corey’s adjustment to this new life we get to see her trying to shift elements of her past life to fit into a new mold. With her mother she finds herself trying to understand a woman that she barely remembers. She had been away from her for so long that the relationship there is completely brand new. The meet cute element for Luke and Corey is perfectly done in a romantic comedy way and when he reappears unexpectedly at her new school she is shocked. When she finds herself struggling with school, Luke is the perfect tutor and the level of denial she has about his intentions to date her are sweet. Ansell has written the perfect young adult romantic read that is a great back to school read. You can get your copy of Trapeze today.

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