Visions from the Upside Down: Stranger Things Artbook Book Review from @kleffnotes

In celebration of the Netflix Original Series hit, Stranger Things, Printed in Blood is presenting a new addition to their ongoing series of artbooks. Visions from the Upside Down: Stranger Things Artbook brings together the work of more than two hundred artists from the fields of comics, illustration, fine art, videogames, and animation to bring about a unique vision of the world of Hawkins, Indiana. This beautiful book is the perfect addition to any Stranger Things fans collection.

The book begins with an introduction that speaks to the strong visuals of the show itself and then moves on to discuss how the artists in this book have brought to life the world of Stranger Things in a new and inventive way. Broken into a variety of chapters the art within these pages is beautifully crafted and curated to provide readers with an immersive experience. No matter what art style you prefer or the medium you primarily relate to this book as something for everyone.

Beyond the art there are also passages from some of the artists who discuss how they connected with Stranger Things and why the series was so powerful for them. Each of the creators who provided their art for this book show tremendous skill and the love they have for the series reads through, regardless of what characters they have chosen to showcase. My personal favorites are the sections devoted to Hopper and Steve and there is just so much to love about them. There are also some delightful Barb pieces scattered throughout. The book is completely captivating and you can find something that you will love no matter which characters you love. You can get your copy of Visions from the Upside Down: Stranger Things Artbook today.

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