Bound in Flames Book Review from @kleffnotes

Letty Liliuokalani is finally able to return to her native home of Hawaii after being sent away to a boarding school meant to make her into a proper lady. She has always had a wild temper, but in 1909 Letty is a trailblazer. Her love of animals will lead her to become one of the first female veterinarians in history. One day she sees a horse struggling in the ocean and rushes to the rescue. This moment will set in motion a destiny Letty never knew about. The flame inside of her is not just passion, but instead an ancient power with a steep price. Bound in Flame is a romantic fantasy story set in the beautiful Hawaiian islands.

As the goddaughter of Princess Kehokulani, Letty would be a princess in her own right if not for the recent acquisition of Hawaii by the United States. She visits the princess periodically and on this visit Princess K asks her about the events involving the horse and begins to realize that her goddaughter may be a mākahā, a Gate to the healing fires of the island. Timothy Rowley is the owner of the horse that Letty saved from certain death in the ocean and when they meet there is an instant sort of connection. As Letty must figure out how to control her powers she also must come to terms with the fact that fate has plans for her that she never expected. Outside of the main story of Letty and her powerful flames, Bound in Flame also holds a mystery involving con men and stolen identities, which help to push along the growth of Letty’s powers as well.

Kayne creates an artful story that uses the history and beauty of Hawaii to examine not only love, but the power we can find when we reconnect with our roots. While Letty might want to be a veterinarian, the power she can wield will help so many animals and people as well, that it begins to reveal to her how much she can do if she accepts her connection to her home. As she becomes more confident in her control she is also able to open up to Timothy, who also seems strongly connected to animals and the island. Their romance grows out of a love of horses and a desire to create their own paths in life. This story is full of passion and fire between Timothy and Letty and all of this is balanced with the high drama and danger that is drawn out throughout the narrative. This is the perfect read for historical romance lovers as well as anyone looking for a read full of magically connection. Bound in Flame is out on October 28th and you can pre-order it today.

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