Flying Alone: A Memoir Book Review from @kleffnotes

Beth Ruggiero York has always known that she wanted to fly ever since she was a teenager. She had a solo cross country trip planned to her family confirmed that aspiration to become a pilot, but when she received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis at 22 she felt that she could be forced to stay on the ground. In Flying Alone: A Memoir she discusses her life and her journey to fight against her diagnosis and still achieve her dreams.

When she vowed that she would still take to the sky, Beth pushed herself to still become an airline pilot. She began her journey at a local airport and was then completely engulfed in the world of aviation. For the next five years she would move through turbulent moments both in the air and in her everyday life. She would move through an agonizing love affair with her flight instructor, take dangerous risks in the air in broken planes for strange companies, and ultimately she would be hired by Trans World Airlines in 1989. This story of survival spans 30 years of aviation and the strength that Beth showed in her quest to become a pilot.

In her memoir, Beth Ruggiero York is so open about her life and her experiences. She delves into the details of romances and also shares the fears and concerns that emerged in her journey to become an airline pilot. This openness is also balanced against tremendous knowledge and she works to ensure that her readers understand the world she has been such a key part of. This additional information helps even those who know absolutely about airplanes to feel connected. She worked through so many possible setbacks to achieve her goals and she is truly someone inspiring. There are fears early on that she won’t be able to fly and even later in her journey she is concerned because of her connection to a now no longer existent airline. This book is exceptionally written and highlights true perseverance no matter what. You can get Flying Alone: A Memoir today.

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