Holiday Jubilee Book Review from @kleffnotes

Ambassador of Americana Charles Phoenix is back with stories full of seasonal traditions and festive fun. As someone who focuses on the retro Phoenix, with Kathy Kikkert, brings to life the beauty of holidays of yore. See major American holidays through the lens of years gone by in Holiday Jubilee.

This book can get you ready for ever holiday, though the one I am most excited for is Halloween. With that as your guide for this review you should keep in mind that I am going to get a little spooky heavy. Phoenix examines traditions of the past, present, and even thinks of the future as he examines festive celebrations and their décor and delicious bites. With never-before-seen Kodachrome slides, rare collectibles, and original recipes you are in for a thrill as you go through this vibrant and eye catching book.

I love to collect recipes, I might not always be able to make all of them, but I like having them at my disposal should I need to whip up something with a bit of a twist. Phoenix shares that his test kitchen began by chance when he saw an edible centerpiece used for Christmas celebrations that he calls the Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree. He focuses on creating edible centerpieces and potluck style dishes that use American brands that have a powerful connection to Americana culture. Set in chronological order of major American holidays, this book shares so many beautiful pictures of holidays past and we get recipes that can add a bit of kitsch to your kitchen. I personally loved the costume round up in the Halloween section and the evolution of costuming over the years and the Psychedelic Candy Cake recipe is a sight to behold. If you love the holidays or entertaining this is the perfect book for you. You can get your copy of the very festive, Holiday Jubilee, today!

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