Becoming Starlight Book Review from @kleffnotes

Becoming Starlight is a memoir from Dr. Sharon Prentice that examines the process of grief and its relationship to the afterlife. This book is designed in many ways to bring comfort to those who are coping with the sorrow of losing a loved one. As a psychotherapist and spiritual counselor Dr. Prentice focuses on helping patients process grief and gives a larger audience that opportunity through her book.

After the death of her daughter and husband Dr. Prentice found herself working through her own grief, but she also experienced something not many have. A Shared Death Experience(SDE) gave her a unique glimpse into foreverness and a sense of peace that she categorizes as otherworldly. This experience occurred in connection to her husband’s passing and is considered something similar to a near death experience, but the person experiencing themselves is perfectly healthy. Beyond this element Dr. Prentice also discusses her complex relationship with God, which is something that many who suffer tragic loses feel.

Dr. Prentice shares so openly and honestly about her own losses that you will immediately be struck by her strength of spirit. The loss of her daughter is presented early in the book and when this life is lost she begins her examination in grief. As her life progresses she shares moments of happiness and love, including the birth of her son, but when her husband becomes sick we see her coping with a new and more intensive loss. While she has known loss she has been able to see into the spiritual and uses her experiences in both elements to help others. Get your copy of Becoming Starlight: Surviving Grief and Mending the Wounds of Loss today.

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