Firewall Book Review from @kleffnotes

Emma Streat returns in the third book in the Emma Streat Mystery series, Firewall. Former opera singer turned full-time wife and mother found a talent for making unlikely connections after the death of her CEO husband and in this new book she uses those skills again to help her rich, socialite godmother cope with a possible blackmailer. Firewall shows Emma and her two sons working to move forward and making a new life for themselves as she delves into a new realm of investigation, cybercrime.

With dangers mounting in connection to the investigation into blackmail and the world of cybercrime, she will find herself in exclusive places in Europe and becoming involved with elite people in the world of finance and art collecting circles. These faces will include the return of her ex-lover Lord Andrew Rodale. As she is targeted by a network of cybercriminals with cutting-edge technology it will take everything Emma has to survive and bring the criminals to justice.

Emma is a witty and bright woman who moves through this mysterious plot with ease. She might not be a standard detective, but she knows her stuff and is dedicated to helping her godmother to get out of the situation she finds herself in. With her journey taking her to beautiful and prestigious places, she has to find her way to blend in and become one with the world around her. She is a strong character who is coping with her own emotions, while also risking it all to push through a dark and dangerous world of cybercriminals. This is a great read if you enjoy engaging mysterious with strong female characters. You can pre-order your copy of Firewall today.

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