The Goldblum Variations Book Review from @kleffnotes

This seems to be the era of Jeff Goldblum and in celebration of the monumental man Helen McClory presents The Goldblum Variations: Adventures of Jeff Goldblum Across the Known (and Unknown) Universe. This small, but mighty book, is a collection of remarkably crafted stories, puzzles, and games that elevate Goldblum memes to literary status. After being the subject of a 25-foot-tall sculpture in London, releasing a critically acclaimed jazz album, and joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe this seems like the perfect point for embracing the Goldblum golden age.

The book is broken down into a variety of chapters that include ‘A Variety of Jeff Goldblums,” that present different personalities of Jeff Goldblum including one that lies awake at night contemplating the creator, another who lathes wood, and one who cannot find his glasses. This is followed by a chapter devoted to perfect jobs for Jeff Goldblum, which include being a sprite in a computer game as well as a detective in a gated community, much like some sort of Murder She Wrote premise. There are Jeff Goldblum moods, scents, and even a story in which he is a substitute teacher.

Outside of stories are games and puzzles like “Choose Your Jeff Goldblum Jeffventure,” which involves a gift and moving from that point forward in a variety of ways. There is Jeff Goldblum bingo called Bingo Goldbingo and the rules are marvelous. This book is a fun adventure in pop culture with wonderful worlds of Jeff Goldblum appearing before the reader in a variety of well-crafted ways. McClory has created a delightful little book that will have you full of wonder as you move through the pages. You can get your copy of The Goldblum Variations: Adventures of Jeff Goldblum Across the Known (and Unknown) Universe today.

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