Tea-spiration Book Review from @kleffnotes

Tea-spiration: Inspirational Words for Tea Lovers is here to help you make a quiet moment for reflection in your daily life. As you sip some tea sit back, relax, and give yourself a moment to slow down and enjoy the simple joys of life. Lu Ann Pannunzio’s debut book may be about tea and its history, but it is also meant to uplift and inspire.

Pannunzio is a big believer in appreciating the simple things and allowing all of those moments to build up into a big life. Tea is the thing she values most within the simple things of life and to start her book she asks her readers to think of what exactly tea means to you. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a tea drinker, she is sure that there is the right tea out there for anyone. With so many different varieties there has to be one that speaks to you and in that way you can begin your journey to focus on the little things through the ritual of making a cup of tea. As she breaks down this process she is also examining how you can enjoy moments throughout your day. Tea for her is just the vessel for finding your connection to the world around you.

As a tea drinker myself I do appreciate the idea of using my time drinking tea as a way to center myself and take in the world. What Tea-spiration does is turn the process into a meditative exercise where every element is important from the empty cup to cleaning and caring for your tea wares. Her love for tea steeps through the book and through her writing you will find yourself unwinding as though you were sipping on a nice chamomile. Whether you are typically a tea drinker or not, Tea-spiration is a relaxing read that will help you center yourself. You can get your copy today.

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