It’s Your Weirdness That Makes You Wonderful Book Review from @kleffnotes

Kate Allan is here for you with colorful and creative affirmations for your struggles, anxiety-reducing visual art, and journaling prompts to better understand and process your mental health. We are encouraged to love ourselves and what makes us different and within the pages of It’s Your Weirdness That Makes You Wonderful you will find many moments designed to help you feel positive and happy about who you are. You’ll also be able to connect with paper based support animals who will always be there for you.

With the world constantly pressuring you and insisting you are not enough and that if you can’t handle everything coming at you that you won’t survive, Allan is there for you. Her book is a prompt based journal that will help you to check in with yourself and find your own place of self-acceptance. She emphasizes that your superpower is owning your own weirdness and through everything she presents that focus on love and accepting who you are completely and fully. Allan is a perfect resource for you to connect with as she also struggled with the concept of accepting her weirdness and becoming propelled in her life by this new superpower.

The art in this book, both with pictures and through self-made fonts, is a delight and immediately welcomes you in with a bright and bubbly tone. Messing up the journal is encouraged and as this is your book you can do whatever you please with it. This book is not for someone else, but a place for you to truly be yourself. There are prompts as well as positive lists and advice to help you work through even dark moments. It’s Your Weirdness That Makes You Wonderful is a delight to work through and even just to casually flip through when you need a bit of time for yourself. You can get your copy today!

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