Why We Love Star Wars Book Review from @kleffnotes

Why We Love Star Wars: The Great Moments That Built a Galaxy Far, Far Away is a #1 Amazon Best Seller and the perfect read for those who have loved the franchise since the very beginning or have found their love through the newer films. Star Wars is something that resonates powerfully with so many people throughout the world and within this book you can find a constant reminder of why it is so powerful. This book is a source for reconnecting with everything you love from a galaxy far, far away.

What was once just a movie about good people, evil oppressors, and the powerful forces that stood between them has exploded into a franchise. The moments that inspired people continue to appear on screen, in novels, within the panels of comic books, and in animated sequences on television. As they grow in importance and and stature through discussion, debate, and even daydreams millions are inspired and beyond that the stories lend themselves to the growing legend of the world of Star Wars. Through the pages of Why We Love Star Wars love is there and given to the fans both young and old.

There are different moments for everyone that cemented their love for different elements of the franchise and brought them into the fold. There are also elements that people found to poke fun at and see flaw with, this does not mean that they do not love the stories that exist in the Star Wars Universe. Kan Napzok has done a fantastic job of highlighting the tremendous highs and the moments that might have been considered lows by some fans. The writing is dynamic and allows you to feel like you are chatting with a friend about the franchise. He moves through movies, shows, comics, and books with ease and makes this a great read for any fan. You can get your copy of Why We Love Star Wars today.

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