Ghost-ish: Lazarus Book Review from @kleffnotes

Cameron Tourvell had a terrible day one year ago, literally so terrible that she was killed in a train wreck. Except she didn’t exactly die, that’s right, somehow Cameron can’t die and that one moment was just the beginning. The black site government group known as Lazarus has been hunting her and as she works to avoid capture she finds herself literally losing parts of herself. She is somehow finding herself becoming ghost-ish which leads her to continue changing over the course of Ghost-ish: Lazarus.

In New York, Cameron is now no longer a normal woman, but is instead becoming something different. In this new post un-death reality any time she is injured her body parts become replaced with a sort of transparent ectoplasm, which means that she becomes less and less human-like as time progresses. As she tries to destroy Lazarus she will have the help of other women with extraordinary powers, The Sentinels, which include Raven Maids, Fates, and other characters you’ll recognize from this new world of Erik Schubach’s. Even though she hopes to end the threat of Lazarus, Cameron worries that as more of her is replaced that she will eventually no longer be here.

With a scientific background, Cam’s attempts to understand what is happening to her still don’t entirely fit with her view of the world. While she wishes she could understand this more easily, she has to deal with the fact that literally parts of her body are see through. In her attempts to avoid Lazarus she is also part of a community that is not the norm for many books. Cam is homeless and while she tried to stay an island of a person, she made friends with a young girl nicknamed Ferret and the two have established a bond. Unlike many of the romantic connections we get form Schubach, this relationship is more sisterly and Cam is proud of Ferret and how strong a person she is. This story shows the Sentinels coming together and watching Cam react to them is curious as she tries to make sense of all the supernatural elements that impact them all. The battle rages on in this story with the dark world of Lazarus being revealed to Cameron and the others in more detail. With all of the reveals the danger is high and the action is intense. You can get your copy of Ghost-ish: Lazarus today.

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