Anubis: Death’s Mistress Book Review from @kleffnotes

The self-proclaimed Indiana Jones of archeology, Professor Aya Bane, is definitely that much of a nerd, but while just her day to day adventures in history would be enough for some people, she will be pulled into something even more intense. While on a dig she will be pulled into a world of ancient gods and unexplained murders in Egypt. Aya will be pulled from the real world into the fantastical with dreams that speak to something beyond  the norm. Anubis: Death’s Mistress will add to the world of the New Sentinels and the fight against Lazarus.

Aya is called in to consult on an excavation at what is believed to be a temple of Anubis, the god of the underworld. This leads to a fantastical series of events that will bring the New Sentinels to her. Aya’s dreams become filled with visions of a deadly woman with a jackal’s head committing a number of murders that were previously attributed to a serial killer known as the Pharaoh. The victims were left as mummified husks and and if that weren’t enough, Lazarus is somehow involved. Aya will have to cope with these dreams and the inclusion of new allies in her journey to understand what is going on.

The dreams of death open the book with Aya suffering from odd images and even moments of sleepwalking in connection to her dreams. She isn’t sure what to make of them, but she is trying to understand who the woman is that she keeps seeing. As she works in the tomb, Aya also finds herself attracted to another woman at the site, Olivia. The two share a very cute scene early on with Aya feeling bashful around her and even blushing when asked to call her by her first name. What is truly happening to Aya stems back to Anubis, but the problem is that she is unaware of her own powers and birthright. The story surrounding it is curious and I was captivated by it. The adorable interactions that begin after the reveal of Aya’s true history are a delight to read as well. Schubach has again created a story that is both humorous, action packed, and romantic with this new story. You can get Anubis: Death’s Mistress today.

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