Thursday Short Film Review from @kleffnotes

Thursday is a dramatic Russian film is based on a true story, which just wrapped a United States run in Hollywood. With hopes for a nod in the 92nd Academy Awards this story is powerfully crafted. The run in the US gave this film a chance to be considered for an award and as it is a beautiful story this is a blessing.

Filmed in Russian with English subtitles, Suro Jr.’s debut film focuses on a mother who is in a hospital waiting room and pretending that she is a whale that has drifted into harbor. This imagining is because the world around her is spinning out of control. Her disabled child is in critical condition and every day he is given glucose, even though she warns that this is not something the child should be receiving. As the days pass the child gets worse, the doctors refuse to change what they are doing as it is protocol. As we reach Thursday the mother just hopes that the hospital will help her son.

The actor playing the mother gives such a powerful and heartbreaking performance. She is so raw in this role and as she tries to cope with what is happening to her child she is also trying to push down her fears of what could happen. As her desperation grows we see her fighting back more and more and it will pull at your heart so powerfully. This short film is exceptionally done and Suro Jr. has done a fantastic job of crafting a story that will bring you to tears. Thursday is not a happy story, but this should not dissuade you from watching it.

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