Forbidden Knowledge Book Review from @kleffnotes

There are things that you should never do, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to know how to do them. Forbidden Knowledge: 101 Things No One Should Know How to Do showcases the most ridiculous things that you should never do, but that will make you laugh as you learn how to do them. Owen Brooks has created an entertaining read that is full of hilarious scenarios that are a delight to imagine.

Brooks embraces the absurd in this book by describing things like how to survive an alien abduction, chase a giant tornado, fight a tiger, or even how to become a mafia boss. These ideas are things that will have you laughing from the start and is just the sort of book that you can pick up for a quick laugh or settle down with for a delightfully enchanting afternoon or evening. As someone who enjoys learning things this book not only had me laughing, but also had me thinking about how someone came up with all of these ideas.

While they might be a bit absurd, there are elements that could actually be helpful when you are thinking about dangerous situations. For example, the tips for navigating a minefield, excluding using an animal, could actually help you when working through unfamiliar terrain. The idea of restarting a stopped heart does actually provide information that could help you in an unexpected emergency. I laughed my way through how to start a motorcycle gang and conning your way into the space program. Brooks has created an informational and funny book that will keep you reading. You can get your copy of Forbidden Knowledge today. 

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