Unexplained Book Review from @kleffnotes

Unexplained: Real-Life Supernatural Stories for Uncertain Times is drawn for the hit podcast Unexplained. Richard Maclean Smith is an expert on the unknown and shares stories that are perfect for the curious and not easily frightened. With a focus on ten stories that continue to evade explanation this work is a great read for those dark nights.

What each of the stories Smith presents does is look at how the unexplained can connect to our own beliefs in science, superstition, and perception. He argues that these stories can reveal more about ourselves and what we can learn from connecting with these ideas. For example he argues that perhaps demonic possession can teach us about free will, the idea of reincarnation can tie into our sense of self, and the tale of a cursed box can speak to the idea of storytelling. This book is a perfect companion for those who already enjoy the podcast, Unexplained, or are curious to learn more about mysterious topics.

Smith is a powerful storytelling and while this is a written account of unexplained stories, he is able to present these as though you are sitting down with him. He weaves the stories as well as connected information and research so easily that you will be drawn in to the mysterious stories that he has prepared for you. Unsolved mysteries and strange events fill these pages and there is something for anyone with eerie interests. There are ghosts, demons, and even an account of the Somerton Man. If you haven’t checked out the podcast, but are intrigued by this book you should definitely check it out. You can get your copy of Unexplained: Reali-Life Supernatural Stories for Uncertain Times today.

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