Thaddeus of Beewicke Book Review from @kleffnotes

Thaddeus of Beewicke is the first in a debut trilogy by Louis Sauvain, which will be releasing in October of this year. This immersive world is suited for young adult readers, and those of us who are no longer young adults and still enjoy the genre, and provides a new and different voice to the world of epic fantasy. As a behavioral scientist, Sauvain has gained a deep insight into the challenges and pitfalls that face those on the path to maturity. In this first story his characters are collected one by one and together they must fulfill their quest and get to the College of Sorcery.

As the first in the series it makes absolute sense that this would be the point where all of our key characters are brought together. We begin with Master Sorcerer Silvestrus of Somerset, a powerful sorcerer seeking an apprentice with the inner abilities to do magic. The first person who fits these requirements is a young man named Thaddeus who is just 14 years old and already shows a great promise in his magic abilities. The two set out for the College of Sorcerers in a cart pulled by a mule named Asullus, who adds a bit of magic as they are a sentient being. As the story progresses two more sorcerers-in-training join the caravan, Anders, who is described as a likable bookworm, and Rolland, an immature mischief maker. In their journey amusing adventures occur and the apprentices learn that the road to their sorcery dreams and the path to adulthood are both precious and challenging.

Sauvain quickly brings together his characters and Thaddeus is the first to fall under the spell of love. Now this is not really a spell of course, but he finds himself smitten with a girl and actually receiving some advice from the mule traveling with them. Asullus is a humorous character and adds a bit of fun to the story himself. The focus of the story is primarily on young men, but Sauvain does note that there are strong female characters who appear throughout and influence the story. There is also another school we learn about that appears to be designed for young women to learn the arts themselves and the boys are all a bit smitten when they meet three girls traveling to their school with their mistress. There are bits of magic and the story weaves together growing moments for the boys that could occur in a less magical world, but the magic makes for wonderful moments as well. This is a great introduction to the series and I am interested to see more from these characters as their journey continues. If you are looking for a more fantastical style of story that readers who enjoy the Harry Potter series will connect with this is a great pick. You can pre-order your copy of Thaddeus of Beewicke today!

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