The Years After You Book Review from @kleffnotes

A wife, a mistress, and the husband in the middle are the focus of The Years After You. Emma Woolf has written a number of non-fiction books, which have been translated around the world. This new fiction book is first foray into the medium and this is exceptionally intriguing as she is the great-niece of Virginia Woolf.

Lily is caught up in a complicated affair after falling in love with her boss. As his assistant she never expected to fall in love with him, but while she finds herself torn between leaving in staying, she doesn’t know if this is really what she wants. Pippa had just begun looking at the world outside of her role as wife and mother, but upon learning that there is another woman she wonders if she can survive this humiliation. Harry is the man tying these two women together. He is torn between them and fighting depression just in making it through every day. Will love help him to make it through? The psychology of this complex situation is powerfully written by Woolf and showcases her knowledge of the medium.

The story moves between the three people involved in the affair, with insight being given into everyone’s emotional state. Lily finds herself struggling to be in Harry’s life, especially when he spends a great deal of money on her. She constantly fears discovery and also wonders if she can cope with his periodic moments of deep depression. When his wife learns about the affair she struggles to cope with what this means for her life and her marriage. The story touches on traumas and dark moments, with Lily as a key focus for a majority of the book. Woolf does a powerful job of balancing these stories and showcases what can happen when your world completely changes. You can get your copy of The Years After You today.

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