The Winter Sisters Book Review from @kleffnotes

The frontier-America historical fiction novel, The Winter Sisters, is set in Georgia 1822 with a focus on medicine versus the idea of magic in this rural environment. Dr. Aubrey Waycross has always put his faith in science and is shocked when he moves to a remote mountain town and learns that they believe that magic can save them. The Winter Sisters, the title characters of the book, are sharing herbal remedies, which just might be what Waycross needs to truly understand how to heal people.

When Waycross moves to town of Lawrencevill, which is a real town in Georgia, he is ready to help the townsfolk with the best scientific methods of the time. These just happen to be bloodletting and blistering, but no one believes in his work, but rather in the herb women whose remedies they swear by. The Winter Sisters claim they can treat yellow fever, consumption, and even more diseases, but the threat of rabies looms. There is a panther stalking the town and in order to save the townspeople Waycross and the sisters will have to work together. This is all made even harder by a pastor who wants to drive the Winter Sisters out of town and the younger sister being hesitant in sharing her mysterious abilities.

Tim Westover creates a world that is both realistic, but also mystical. The sisters are portrayed right away working on their remedies in what feels like a magic moment under the moon. The doctor, Waycross, appears very ready to help the community and while he first believes that his work is best, he does allow himself to be swayed. He is open to learning and understanding, if that is what will save the people he has been brought in to help. This story emphasizes a beauty that rest within a world where superstition is believed. In the town there is a deep connection to what the Winter Sisters do and just in being in this town Waycross finds himself evolving. This journey, in connection with his relationship with the sister is well crafted and will make you want to keep reading. You can get your copy of The Winter Sisters today.

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