I’m a Gay Wizard Book Review from @kleffnotes

Johnny and his best friend, Alison, make the decision to dabble in magic during their summer holidays. They never thought that anything would change from just lighting some candles and doing a little chanting. What happens though is that magic erupts for these two in a way that sticks it to them like glitter glue in I’m a Gay Wizard.

When these two friends delve into magic they are shocked when they accidentally unleash an earthquake. This one moment puts them on the radar of the Marduk Institute, which is an organization that has existed for years and is dedicated to fostering the talents of young wizards. Johnny and Alison are pulled into a new world full of monsters, fraternities, and cute boys. The shiny delight of finding magic is balanced by the fact that they will be pulled into a dark and supernatural fight that could cost them their very lives. They will have to fight for their own happy endings by allowing love, acceptance, and a little bit of magic to push them forward.

I’m a Gay Wizard  is the first novel by V.S. Santoni, which was originally published on Wattpad. He had amassed thousands of readers on the writing site and Wattpad Books brought this story to life as part of their quest to elevate diverse voices. Santoni is an advocate for positive queer representation and in I’m a Gay Wizard he has created something that a variety of readers will love. I absolutely loved Alison and Johnny, particularly the fact that I felt so connected to them. I was also a sort of goth, emo kid with clothes from Hot Topic. I mean I still have clothes from Hot Topic so really I am just still that person. The magic in this story feels so full of teenage angst, but in such a way that you will feel the realness of it. If you had magic skills as a teen you would totally make some mistakes, including some that impact your physical appearance. This was a fun read and something I think fans of Harry Potter, who wished it had been a bit more diverse in the original publishing, will love no matter how old they are. You can get your copy of I’m a Gay Wizard today.

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