Emily Monroe is Not the Chosen One: Unchosen Book Review from @kleffnotes

Emily Monroe is definitely not the Chosen One, but that doesn’t mean everything has constantly thought she is. In book one we learn that the Chosen One, who has always looked oddly like Emily, is the twin sister of our now unlikely heroine. With this massive reveal, the Chosen One delves into a world of rebellion and she loses her title as champion of Big City. With a new hero swooping in, the Chosen One will have to figure out how to live a life more like her newly discovered sister in Emily Monroe is Not the Chosen One: Unchosen.

Emily is still coming to terms with the fact that she is literally the sister of the Chosen One. For years she has hated her for looking like her, for making it hard to find jobs, but now she has learned that while her life was saved only because of a wonderful doctor with a heart and the Chosen One never knew about this person who was connected to her. They both have so much to process, but Emily has the benefit of her girlfriend, who also happens to be the very powerful Photon, Agent Heather Sams of Containment. Emily is the only person her sister has now, especially since a new hero named Mega Girl has taken on her mantle. The Chosen One and not the Chosen One, Emily, will both have to cope with their new lives together in this heroic slice of life story.

This is such a fun and quick read. Erik Schubach has written a fun hero romp that you can knock out super fast. If you like hero stories, but are looking for something different this is definitely the read for you. While this universe is full of heroes, the true hero is really Emily, who is coping with so much and also pushed to be a hero for her newly discovered sister. I loved reading this book and I would definitely read more involving Emily, even if she’s just slinging burgers at her regular person job. You can get your copy of Emily Monroe is Not the Chosen One: Unchosen today.

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