The Galactic Adventures of Hazel:Gurecoa Book Review from @kleffnotes

In the year 4519, Hazel lives in a town suspended in the Earth’s Stratosphere and commutes in her Inter Galactic Vehicle to school. She has many travels with Richie and their alien best friend, Dmitri. They go from Mars to Enceladus, from Gly to Drethna meeting alien beings and dealing with an annoying doorbell. They will journey to understand what Gurecoa in The Galactic Adventures of Hazel: Gurecoa.

Young Hazel is an inquisitive girl whose father wants to share the world with her. He works to teach her how to analyze and understand things that are around her and this base work will be crucial for her journeys. As she gets older she winds up pulling Richie into her plans, which sometimes lead to crashed AIs and even a little bit of destruction. Even when they aren’t planning on running into adventures, Hazel, her brother, and Dmitri find themselves meeting beings of light, playing games, and dealing with some less than kind people in their lives. Hazel is just trying to further her understanding of everything around her, which is admirable to see. This desire pushes her to think outside of the box and search out the mysteries of the world around her.

One of the most humorous elements of this book is the doorbell. I know that might sound odd, but this digital doorbell is just so odd. The idea of doorbells with personalities made me chuckle and Hazel’s doorbell is anything, but normal. It constantly annoys her and seems to not exactly understand what to do without very clear direction. As something that just monitors the door, with some other door connected jobs, you would think that it wouldn’t be as funny to see as it is. Inspired by the author’s own love of space and the unknown this book shows a love for knowledge and adventure. Young readers will find a character that pushes them to think about their world and push them to explore it. You can get your copy of The Galactic Adventures of Hazel: Gurecoa today.

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