Gage…My Beautiful Boy Book Review from @kleffnotes

Three-year-old Gage desperately wants to ride in a pull wagon with his aunt to go get some chewing gum. While his mother’s gut reaction is to keep her little boy home she relents and lets him go on an adventure. As they take a short cut back home through a construction site, Gage leaves the wagon on the hunt of a big, blue, butterfly. As he follows this butterfly he wind up in the path of an oncoming care and everything will change in this moment.

Tonia Root shares her very personal story of what happened when a tragedy struck her family. Her son had been injured in a hit and run accident so severely that he was hospitalized and during this she was pregnant with a second child. Once they had a prognosis for Gage, the doctor believed that he would remain in a vegetative state, even though he would live. As she learns how to care for him, she also must take into account that soon she will also have another child to take care of. With tremendous support Gage continues to grow and gain motor functions. He is able to speak and people are excitedly surprised to see him becoming stronger.

Gage…My Beautiful Boy is a story full of love and strength. Root has opened herself up to readers and shared so much about the journey that she went through as she cared for Gage. She always fought for him and has helped him to gain skills back that doctors did not believe he could initially have after the accident. This is a touching story that shows so much love and if you are someone who enjoys true stories this is a book that will fill your heart. You can get your copy of Gage…My Beautiful Boy today.

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